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FX Markets

This service offers in-depth coverage of more than 30 developed and emerging market currencies, focusing on the underlying macroeconomic drivers of foreign exchange markets – how economic outlooks evolve and how policymakers are likely to respond.

This is a service for investors who are either managing risk, or who are looking to enhance their returns by actively taking on foreign exchange risk.

The subscription to this service includes 2-3 emailed publications a week, access to our online research archive and our economists, and the opportunity to attend our conferences, forums and webinars.

  • Timely, clear and concise research.
  • Unique, independent forecasts.
  • Rapid responses, concise summations and detailed analysis.

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Publications include:

  • FX Markets Focus

    Occasional “think pieces” on themes of current interest.
  • FX Markets Valuations Monitor

    Quarterly backward and forward-looking analysis of the valuations of developed and emerging market currencies.
  • FX Markets Outlook

    This quarterly publication brings together our key views and forecasts for global currency markets.
  • FX Markets Weekly Wrap

    Provides the reader with a snapshot view of both the current situation and the week ahead.
  • FX Markets Update

    Frequent succinct analysis, covering the implications of a topical issue.
  • FX Markets Chart Book

    Provides a monthly snapshot view of currency markets in chart form

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